US & Int Taxes


Our international and US tax services practice is located in our Miramar, Florida office and has over 20 years of hands on experience working with  with a wide cross section of clients, the IRS and other international tax agencies.


Services we provide include:

  • Tax filing and FATCA compliance for US persons living abroad
  • Streamlined compliance procedure filings
  • IRS debt resolution
  • Recovery of US, UK and Canadian withholding taxes
  • Preparation of withholding waiver applications
  • Reporting of foreign gifts and inheritances
  • Foreign bank account (FBAR) disclosure filings
  • Tax filings , tax compliance and tax recovery for artists, celebrities, sports persons, high net worth individuals and professionals
  • Tax returns for consular and diplomatic employees
  • Application of the double taxation treaties
  • Preparation and filing of Non-resident alien (NRA) US tax returns
  • Expatriation returns if you decide to give up your US green card or citizenship.
  • US estate planning for both US and Non-US persons with US assets
  • How to use the US/Jamaica double taxation treaty to reduce taxes on royalty and copyright income
  • State tax filing, compliance & resolution issues.


  • Tax advice for foreign companies setting up in the US
  • Assistance with M&A in the US by foreign companies
  • Filing returns and disclosure forms for US based subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Obtaining refunds of withholding taxes
  • International tax planning
  • Tax debt resolution with IRS
  • Structuring, filing and compliance for foreign companies setting up and doing business in the US
  • GILTI and Subpart F tax calculations and filings