Audit and Assurance

The CrichtonMullings Audit Practice is located in our Kingston, Jamaica, office  and stands on four firm legs

  1. The best people
  2. Cutting edge audit technology
  3. High level audit knowledge and expertise
  4. Top shelf working environment and organizational culture

The result…….  An enviable portfolio of equally innovative, cutting edge successful clients all with a global outlook and vision.

Our audit team is engaged to carry out audits of several companies listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange .    The JSE is currently one of the globally leading stock exchanges (click here).   It is one of the most successful and  not surprisingly, well regulated exchanges.   The requirements of the JSE are rigorous and scrupulous, and so they should be!


Working professionally and synchronously with our clients, we ensure client timetables and audit obligations are met.


We aggressively comply with International Audit Standards and ensure full compliance with International Financial Reporting standards.