Areas Of Expertise

He has expertise in:

  • Audit
  • Financial analysis
  • Risk management
  • Project administration
  • Cost examination


Mr. Thompson holds a certification in: 

  • CPA

Professional Memberships

Mr. Thompson is a proud fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountant (UK).


Audit Supervisor

Mr. Thompson was an audit supervisor with KPMG.

Life of Jamaica
Assistant Vice President

Mr. Thompson was an assistant vice president for Corporate Insurance with Life of Jamaica.

Kingston Wharves Ltd.
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Thompson was a chief financial officer at Kingston Wharves Ltd.

Pan-Jamaican Investment
Financial Controller

Mr. Thompson was a chief financial controller at Benlar Pan-Jamaican Investment.

CrichtonMullings & Associates

Mr. Thompson is now a Principal for CrichtonMullings & Associates.