US & Int'l Taxes


Over 20 years of hands on experience

Our international and US tax services practice is located in our Miramar, Florida office and has over 20 years of hands on experience working with  with a wide cross section of clients, the IRS and other international tax agencies.

  • Tax filing and FATCA compliance for US persons living abroad
  • Streamlined compliance procedure filings
  • IRS debt resolution
  • Recovery of US, UK and Canadian withholding taxes
  • Preparation of withholding waiver applications
  • Reporting of foreign gifts and inheritances
  • Foreign bank account (FBAR) disclosure filings
  • Tax filings , tax compliance and tax recovery for artists, celebrities, sports persons, high net worth individuals and professionals
  • Tax returns for consular and diplomatic employees
  • Application of the double taxation treaties
  • Preparation and filing of Non-resident alien (NRA) US tax returns
  • Expatriation returns if you decide to give up your US green card or citizenship.
  • US estate planning for both US and Non-US persons with US assets
  • How to use the US/Jamaica double taxation treaty to reduce taxes on royalty and copyright income
  • State tax filing, compliance & resolution issues.


  • Tax advice for foreign companies setting up in the US
  • Assistance with M&A in the US by foreign companies
  • Filing returns and disclosure forms for US based subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Obtaining refunds of withholding taxes
  • International tax planning
  • Tax debt resolution with IRS
  • Structuring, filing, and compliance for foreign companies setting up and doing business in the US
  • GILTI and Subpart F tax calculations and filings



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